Building on our textile expertise and our passion for color, we offer for the first time a poncho model! Its composition in cashmere and light wool, as well as its shape, make it a particularly comfortable piece. It accompanies a whole day, from the morning market, through gentle reading on the beach, to a cool summer evening, followed by an elegant dinner.

In powdered tones slightly enhanced by touches of brown, this coloration reminds us of the soft hues of seashells, warm sand, and clear waters of a shimmering sea. It easily pairs with light linen pieces or fluid summer dresses.

15% Cashmere 85% Fine wool. One size, 140x140cm.
We recommend dry cleaning to avoid damaging the weave. However, you can also machine wash your cashmere scarf, but make sure to place your cashmere in a protective cover first. Use the Wool program with a temperature at 0 degrees. Do not spin above 600 revolutions per minute
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Softness, lightness, and warmth are the qualities that give nobility to products made of cashmere. Cashmere is a down harvested from a breed of goats living at over 3000 m altitude, the Capra Hircus. The down is then cleaned, spun and hand-woven according to traditionally Nepalese know-how. The down then becomes this fine exceptional wool known as cashmere.