Vegetal and Mineral
Essential and Generous

By embracing checks, tartan, stripes, and even tie and dye,

Douce Gloire embraces traditions while forging the new,

Colors of flint, frost, and gypsum

The shawl is cloudy, the fabric is a companion

Colors of flint, frost, and gypsum

It delicately envelops, shelter from the damp drizzle.

Iridescent colors of eggplants,apricots, and wild blackberries,

radiating with vibrancy and boldness,

The scarf is free and creative, it leads to a new imagination.

The scarf is reinvented, yet remains timeless.

Subtle and elegant,

it offers practical use, provides a necessary function,

Through woody brown tones and mossy greens, through snow-white hues.

Through a soft and familiar touch,

Colored with olive, plum, and amber

colored with pine, sulfur, and garnet,

the scarf is welcoming, protective,
intimate, joyful,