Born in a family of renowned glove makers, Inès Lafarge was immersed in her childhood in a universe of fashion, noble materials and colors.
Inès was influenced by the courage and tenacity of her mother. By observing her, conquer ing Parisian fashion houses Inès acquired the sense of irreproachable quality, which is essential to the manufacture of the Douce Gloire designs.

Douce Gloire is also the story of an encounter. In 2006, Inès flew to Nepal in order to meet the suppliers of the glove maker’s family House. Fond of traveling since her early age, Inès not only discovered a country but also the traditional savoir-faire of cashmere manufacturing: she realized the real potential behind it. Inès has been able to take advantage of her own experience and her love for majestic materials and colors.

Following this trip, a great opportunity arose: Inès was in touch with the buyer of a renowned Parisian department store who decided to collaborate with the Douce Gloire House. Douce Gloire’s adventure started… Since then, as seasons go by, collections are imagined and developed in France.

Today, Douce Gloire designs and manufactures for prestigious brands and is distributed in sales points in France and abroad.

Our driving force lies in the search of the emotion that a perfect finished weaving can reveal.
We are focused on choosing the finest yarns and also are very demanding as to the quality and finish of the material and color range.
What could be more important than the touch and color of the accessory you wear around your neck that enhances your features?
Committed to an irreproachable quality, we take time to follow up on site, in the workshops, our production and to ensure good working conditions for men and women.



Softness, lightness and warmth are the qualities which make the 100% cashmere products noble.
The cashmere is the undercoat layer that comes from a specific goat race living at altitudes exceeding 3000 meters in the Himalayan Mountains: The Capra Hircus.
The duvet is then cleaned spun and hand-woven according to the traditional savoir-faire.
It then becomes this exceptional wool that we call Cashmere. The raw product is enhanced with colors and patterns that we design in our French studio.

From greys to glossy reds together with saturated blues, but also python and Jacquard patterns…
We define an exclusive colour range, which is the result of a long working relationship with the color masters of Kathmandu.