Candy colors

Of hollyhocks,

Of turquoise seas,

Of ice cream,

Of ceramics and enamels,

Tinos, we pair it.
With it, we play.

We compose it, combine it, mix it.
And it harmonizes, adapts, adds, intensifies, and enriches.

In a suit, in jeans, or in a linen shirt,
In swimwear, in a t-shirt, or in a satin dress,

Tinos makes its mark and succeeds.

Colors of
Fragrant flowers, and
sun-drenched fruits,

Of a sky ablaze with a fuchsia star,
of lavender-hued clouds.

A summer dream image.


She collects the hues of rocks
ands clays,
the strata of sea and land,

And weaves them into her attire,
bearing the soil and the azure,
into a fabric.

Of pink pearls and
nebulous scales,

It’s the sea that finds its
way into our scarves.

These are the shades of
distant horizons, of
mysterious lands,
where plants have
fantastic colors,

Where one finds,
buried in the sand,
himmering stones,
marbled with incredible
hues. It looks like South

Where softness meets color,

Where even a simple chlorophyll
charms the gaze.

Cloth of sun, it warms us, surrounds us, and welcome us

Cloth of amber,
cloth of rose quartz.

The fabric is a jewel,
an adornment.

Cloth of fire,
It dazzles with its glittering flame

Cloth of the sun,
it warms us, surrounds us,
and welcomes us

Blushing sun and blue hour,

Soon the night stretches across the sky,
adorned with onyx and a pale
and cold glow

Our sky can be streaked with golden lightning,
Our sea may be strormy,

But it can also be gentle,
welcoming and cool,
a cradle of waves and
frothy foam

Water ripples, splashing laughing

Its movement fascinates us

A mist over the skin,

The fluffy comfort quickly rediscovered,
we slip into it,
a veil over the skin,

And the night envelops us,
adorned with all its stars
dazzling in its brilliance,

What joy !

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